Sunday, December 15, 2013

Churning Butter in Miami

Churned. The Second Edition.

No Facebook invite was made, just a few old fashioned flyers were distributed. The infamous Miami promoter, Ernesto Reyes, might have made a few phone calls; but other than that, it was meant to be an intimate affair. After all, it was the Vernissage for an art exhibit. But when the DJ lineup reads the way ours did, it can be expected that people are going to show up en masse. And that they did.

It is not often that Moodymann visits Miami, especially accompanied by Rick Wilhite and Dez Andres. A line up without historical precedents in the magic city, then again this was "Mi Casa es Su Casa : Miami Welcomes Detroit" and nobody churns butter in the Big D like these legendary producers. 

Thanks to Red Bull and Cullen Traverso our sound system was flawless, not to mention spectacular. The modified MX International Red Bull vehicle that acted as our DJ booth is a show of it's own. Most importantly, tough enough to handle the five hour earth shaking set by the Mahogani Music artists.

The second edition of Churned was presented by Butter Gallery and the Fordistas program, taking place on December 3, 2013 at the Gesamtkunstwerk building in Miami.

Mahogani Music
Detroit's Godson Rick Wilhite
Moodymann, Mahogani Music, Kenny Dixon Jr.
Thanks to Moodymann for taking a leap of faith to Miami.
Thanks to Redbull and Perrier for taking the plunge.
Serena Dominguez and a naked Vagner Whitehead.
All star promoter Ernesto Reyes (center)
Moodymann meets cuarator Torrance Gettrell.
Greatest dancer? Inspirational source Ryan Hall.

About Fordistas
Driven to Unite. The Fordistas program is a platform for emerging arts and culture powered by South Florida Ford and executed by Product/81. 

About Moodymann
Kenny Dixon Jr. better known by his stage name Moodymann is a Dj/Producer based in Detroit. Owner of KDJ Records and a member of 3 Chairs.

About Gesamtkunstwerk
Opening in 2012, the Gesamtkunstwerk building in Miami is a multi-disciplinary creative initiative located west of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami. The building houses a diverse group of tenants that include Butter Gallery, Parker Projekts, Wynwood Radio, Product/81, Panther Coffee, Spinello Projects and the Gesamtkunstwerk Projektraum.

About Churned
Churned, a periodical event produced by the Butter Gallery, aims to showcase exceptional musical talent alongside the gallery's art exhibitions. Previous musical guests include Tedd Paterson (Cielo NY) and Laura of Miami (Vamos a la Playa).  Link :: Churned, The First Edition on NBC Miami.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blame it on Moodymann.

It takes a significant event to resurrect a deceased blog. And of course, the longer such blog is dead; the more significant the reviving event must be. Considering our previous post at Butter Gallery was more than a few years old, the event needed to bring back to life this old blogger account required an event of such magnitude; as the religious concept itself.

And then Moodymann showed up, along with Rick Wilhite, Dez Andres and their boxes of precious vinyl; to christen a Vernnissage dedicated to the arts and culture of an American City of many names, but officially known as Detroit.

The Motor City, Day-Twah, The Big D, Dee-Troit. Call it as you wish. Mi Casa Es Su Casa was the name and Miami welcomed Detroit as best we could. It was an open invitation to the sights and sounds of the most fascinating city in all of the land and to properly do so Butter Gallery hosted Detroit based artists Scott Northrup, Alice Schneider and Vagner Whitehead.

Butter Gallery’s exhibit “Mi Casa Es Su Casa, Miami Welcomes Detroit” and it’s musical component titled “Churned” was made possible thanks to a generous donation by South Florida Ford; and the help of Product/81, Red Bull, Perrier, Kid Inc., Miami Brewing Company and Spinello Projects. So don’t blame just me for the comeback of this rambling writer. Blame them. Blame Moodymann.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Emerging Artists from China at Butter Gallery

Butter Gallery presents two new exhibits opening January 8, 2010.

 (zhǐ) – Paper
Group exhibition of work on paper debuting 4 emerging artists from Hangzhou, China for their first US exhibition.

123PolutionSolution 2010
Selection from NYFA artist, Chin Chih Yang’s large scale found objects installation.

Curated by Inez Suen, sponsored by ICFAC (International Chinese Fine Arts Council)

About  (zhǐ) – Paper

China’s art market, which has spread the idea of art as a strong social force within Chinese culture, has cultivated vast exposure for younger Chinese visual artists in the west through curators based outside the country. Fresh out of the China Academy of Art, these Western-influenced artists who have also trained within the Eastern Chinese tradition have given the Chinese art market – the world’s third-largest after overtaking France last year – a modern sensibility and expression primed for the international stage. “ zhǐ – Paper” – named for a primary media of this new art and in honor of the essential Chinese invention – pries open the minds of four of these young Chinese artists (Guo Tiantian, Qi Yuan, Su Xianpan and Zheng Tianming). These are artists who grew up in the new China, the post Tiananmen Square government that slowly recognized that stagnation equaled death. Appearing for the first time in the United States, these artists’ works reflect the evolving sense of individuality and personal identity formulated because of, or in spite of, a culture that still remains quintessentially Chinese.

About 123PolutionSolution 2010

Chin Chih Yang sees that pollution has become a pervasive part of our lives. His large-scale 123PollutionSolution 2010 project transforms thousands of used aluminum cans into a colorful landscape with its varied topography. Yang collected discarded cans found in New York City trash cans left by students and parents from a local School. Ubiquitous concavities and hills, slopes and peaks, the installation features cans that are bunched into various abstract and geometric shapes. The structure represents an otherworldly utopia constructed out of salvaged waste.

About Inez Suen 

Born and raised into a family of art enthusiasts, Inez Suen has an eye for the obvious, the outrageous and the overlooked when it comes to discovering and promoting fine art. Moving to Miami after 10 years in the NYC art world, Suen now oversees and serves as director of the International Chinese Fine Arts Council (ICFAC). A native of Chicago by way of Taipei. She first learned about art from her grandfather, a Chinese painter and calligrapher. Suen holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois and attend of Masters Programs in the History of Design at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Parsons School of Design in New York. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

About ICFAC 

Formed in 2006, the mission of the International Chinese Fine Arts Council is to create global understanding of the Chinese culture through art and music, to promote Chinese arts across the world and to educate and expose the general public to contemporary Chinese aesthetic. Overseen by Inez Suen, a curator with footholds in contemporary design and art, as well as Asia and the United States, the ICFAC fosters a sense of belonging and communication among the Chinese Diaspora on every continent, bridging the vast cultural gaps with the nation’s rich traditions and modern elegance.

About China Academy of Art

The China Academy of Art in Hangzhou China is the most influential academy of fine arts with the most complete range of degree offerings and programs of study in China. It houses a diverse pool of artistic talent, has a distinctive structure integrating theory and practice, focuses on human care and social needs, and combines modern technical and cultural disciplines with traditional artistic ones. The academy features the study of theories of fine arts, architecture, film and new media, which constitute the humanities and reflect the Chinese national spirit and creative theories of the era.
About Chin Chih Yang

Born in Taiwan, Chin Chih Yang has resided for many years in Lower Manhattan. He moved to the US when he was in his early twenties and attended Pratt, supporting himself by working various jobs. An accomplished painter, performance artist, video artist, and photographer, his interests in ecology and constructed environments have resulted in interactive performances and installations that have been exhibited in such spaces as: the Chelsea Museum, Queens Museum, the Godwin-Ternbach Museum, Exit Art, Flux Factory, the UN, and Union Square Park.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Butter Gallery fundraiser. WOW!

Butter Gallery would like to thank all of our amazing friends for coming by our BBQ fundraiser and helping us raise $500 for the Women of Wynwood project of the Lotus House. It was a beautiful Sunday in the neighborhood and a perfect day for such an event. Artist Ahol Sniffs Glue was a lot of fun to watch as he completed his mural on the outside walls of the gallery. 

Infamous characters... Ahol Sniffs Glue and John Hood.

Sunday BBQ on NW 2nd Avenue.

This is a family neighborhood. Samantha, Sabrina and Kevin.

Artist Michael Owen and son.

Joe Furst of Goldman Properties.

Lori Klein and Michelle.

Jason Jimenez of Sweat Records and friends.

Some old fashioned glue sniffin'. 7.625 fluid ounces to be exact.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mofongo Second Saturdays?

That is my compatriot and good friend Jimmy Carey of Jimmy'z Kitchen, walking around Wynwood. What is he doing in the neighborhood on a week day you ask? Well, Jimmy is looking for a place to open another location of his well known south beach original and is considering the Wynwood area for his new venture. Jimmy is a very personable restauranteur with an impressive culinary résumé and it would be amazing to have him as a neighbor. Can you imagine a weekly "Mofongo Holiday" within walking distance of the gallery? Now that would be butter. Aqui te espero Jim!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fun in the sun...

To be young and free! Running on a grassy field with blue skies above. Today a group of Northeast Elementary first graders visited the Wynwood Arts District on a day trip full of art and fun. I am absolutely jealous about their private tour of the Margulies Collection. But by the looks of it, the fun part was the well deserved recess at the Wynwood Walls compound; the perfect place to release all that extra energy build up. It reminded me of my father's mandatory "cultural trips", which on most ocassions consisted of a visit to an art museum or gallery of his choice, followed by an equal time activity of mine; like the go-karts track.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh me so hungry...

After trying every dish in the menu at Joey's, which by the way, it's still my favorite restaurant in Miami; it was time to venture out in search of other tasty venues in the neighborhood. Wishing for a cafeteria with authentic puerto rican food, I drove around the streets of Wynwood in what seemed like an attainable goal, considering the area's demographics. 

Small cafeterias are common in Miami's industrial areas. Been to many great ones in Hialeah, where for a few dollars a man can indulge and exceed his necessary caloric intake. And although I did find a place to satisfy my addiction to rice, there were no gandules in this menu. This elusive hole in the wall, with authentic dishes and affordable prices that locals know about, and this outsider has just discovered, is Korean. A perfect find, I knew immediately after seeing it's untranslated menu hanging on the wall and the small television set blaring a Korean soap opera; but most importantly, the evident approval of its mostly Korean clientele. 

Unfamiliar with these exotic dishes I continue to try the recommendations of Kim, the restaurant's only server. All the dishes are amazing, but so far the Bibim Bab is my favorite. Wish I could tell you where it is, but Im afraid that if it became too popular, it could loose its charm. Just kidding, Choice Cafe is located on the corner of 28 street and NW 3 avenue. Jal meokkesseumnida.

Choice Cafe


Bibim Bab