Sunday, December 15, 2013

Churning Butter in Miami

Churned. The Second Edition.

No Facebook invite was made, just a few old fashioned flyers were distributed. The infamous Miami promoter, Ernesto Reyes, might have made a few phone calls; but other than that, it was meant to be an intimate affair. After all, it was the Vernissage for an art exhibit. But when the DJ lineup reads the way ours did, it can be expected that people are going to show up en masse. And that they did.

It is not often that Moodymann visits Miami, especially accompanied by Rick Wilhite and Dez Andres. A line up without historical precedents in the magic city, then again this was "Mi Casa es Su Casa : Miami Welcomes Detroit" and nobody churns butter in the Big D like these legendary producers. 

Thanks to Red Bull and Cullen Traverso our sound system was flawless, not to mention spectacular. The modified MX International Red Bull vehicle that acted as our DJ booth is a show of it's own. Most importantly, tough enough to handle the five hour earth shaking set by the Mahogani Music artists.

The second edition of Churned was presented by Butter Gallery and the Fordistas program, taking place on December 3, 2013 at the Gesamtkunstwerk building in Miami.

Mahogani Music
Detroit's Godson Rick Wilhite
Moodymann, Mahogani Music, Kenny Dixon Jr.
Thanks to Moodymann for taking a leap of faith to Miami.
Thanks to Redbull and Perrier for taking the plunge.
Serena Dominguez and a naked Vagner Whitehead.
All star promoter Ernesto Reyes (center)
Moodymann meets cuarator Torrance Gettrell.
Greatest dancer? Inspirational source Ryan Hall.

About Fordistas
Driven to Unite. The Fordistas program is a platform for emerging arts and culture powered by South Florida Ford and executed by Product/81. 

About Moodymann
Kenny Dixon Jr. better known by his stage name Moodymann is a Dj/Producer based in Detroit. Owner of KDJ Records and a member of 3 Chairs.

About Gesamtkunstwerk
Opening in 2012, the Gesamtkunstwerk building in Miami is a multi-disciplinary creative initiative located west of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami. The building houses a diverse group of tenants that include Butter Gallery, Parker Projekts, Wynwood Radio, Product/81, Panther Coffee, Spinello Projects and the Gesamtkunstwerk Projektraum.

About Churned
Churned, a periodical event produced by the Butter Gallery, aims to showcase exceptional musical talent alongside the gallery's art exhibitions. Previous musical guests include Tedd Paterson (Cielo NY) and Laura of Miami (Vamos a la Playa).  Link :: Churned, The First Edition on NBC Miami.

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