Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blame it on Moodymann.

It takes a significant event to resurrect a deceased blog. And of course, the longer such blog is dead; the more significant the reviving event must be. Considering our previous post at Butter Gallery was more than a few years old, the event needed to bring back to life this old blogger account required an event of such magnitude; as the religious concept itself.

And then Moodymann showed up, along with Rick Wilhite, Dez Andres and their boxes of precious vinyl; to christen a Vernnissage dedicated to the arts and culture of an American City of many names, but officially known as Detroit.

The Motor City, Day-Twah, The Big D, Dee-Troit. Call it as you wish. Mi Casa Es Su Casa was the name and Miami welcomed Detroit as best we could. It was an open invitation to the sights and sounds of the most fascinating city in all of the land and to properly do so Butter Gallery hosted Detroit based artists Scott Northrup, Alice Schneider and Vagner Whitehead.

Butter Gallery’s exhibit “Mi Casa Es Su Casa, Miami Welcomes Detroit” and it’s musical component titled “Churned” was made possible thanks to a generous donation by South Florida Ford; and the help of Product/81, Red Bull, Perrier, Kid Inc., Miami Brewing Company and Spinello Projects. So don’t blame just me for the comeback of this rambling writer. Blame them. Blame Moodymann.

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