Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh me so hungry...

After trying every dish in the menu at Joey's, which by the way, it's still my favorite restaurant in Miami; it was time to venture out in search of other tasty venues in the neighborhood. Wishing for a cafeteria with authentic puerto rican food, I drove around the streets of Wynwood in what seemed like an attainable goal, considering the area's demographics. 

Small cafeterias are common in Miami's industrial areas. Been to many great ones in Hialeah, where for a few dollars a man can indulge and exceed his necessary caloric intake. And although I did find a place to satisfy my addiction to rice, there were no gandules in this menu. This elusive hole in the wall, with authentic dishes and affordable prices that locals know about, and this outsider has just discovered, is Korean. A perfect find, I knew immediately after seeing it's untranslated menu hanging on the wall and the small television set blaring a Korean soap opera; but most importantly, the evident approval of its mostly Korean clientele. 

Unfamiliar with these exotic dishes I continue to try the recommendations of Kim, the restaurant's only server. All the dishes are amazing, but so far the Bibim Bab is my favorite. Wish I could tell you where it is, but Im afraid that if it became too popular, it could loose its charm. Just kidding, Choice Cafe is located on the corner of 28 street and NW 3 avenue. Jal meokkesseumnida.

Choice Cafe


Bibim Bab

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