Saturday, March 6, 2010

Butter Gallery fundraiser. WOW!

Butter Gallery would like to thank all of our amazing friends for coming by our BBQ fundraiser and helping us raise $500 for the Women of Wynwood project of the Lotus House. It was a beautiful Sunday in the neighborhood and a perfect day for such an event. Artist Ahol Sniffs Glue was a lot of fun to watch as he completed his mural on the outside walls of the gallery. 

Infamous characters... Ahol Sniffs Glue and John Hood.

Sunday BBQ on NW 2nd Avenue.

This is a family neighborhood. Samantha, Sabrina and Kevin.

Artist Michael Owen and son.

Joe Furst of Goldman Properties.

Lori Klein and Michelle.

Jason Jimenez of Sweat Records and friends.

Some old fashioned glue sniffin'. 7.625 fluid ounces to be exact.


CCeX said...

I wish I had known about this!
good job!

CT said...

GREAT JOB PACO, THE Gallery is looking proper!!