Monday, September 14, 2009

The search is over... Butter Gallery is now in Wynwood.

My first drive through Wynwood was one full of optimism. At the time, the goal of finding a new space for Butter Gallery seemed easily attainable, considering the current state of the economy and the sluggish real estate market across the city. "My timing couldn't be better", i thought, while remembering all those who told me not to worry "its the low season". But soon after that drive that gathered me photos of almost every visible For Rent sign in the area, I found myself comparing apples to oranges. 

Small refurbished spaces vs. huge ones that needed complete build outs. Remote locations vs. astronomical rents and obnoxious realtors vs. shady landlords. It was definitely difficult and at times frustrating; that was until Larry called. You might have heard of Larry Mizrach; a few decades ago people used to call the Wynwood area Larry land. He said he had a space that might be of interest. The strategy at this point (or should i say defense mechanism) was not to get excited over a possible space, that was until I drove up to it. 

After months of looking for a new location i had found one with the right price, size and layout. And the location... the location couldn't be better. Across from Harold Golen gallery and a stone's throw of Frederic Snitzer and Kevin Bruk. That's why we are so pleased to announce that the Butter Gallery has finally found a new home in Miami's Art District; 2301 & 2303 NW 2 Avenue to be exact. 

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