Monday, July 6, 2009

He did come by... that is Pancorbo.

It is not often that we get a spur of the moment visit from "el Maestro". And when we do, you better believe we are bringing out our best red and most aged manchego for our favorite spaniard. Of course it's imported from the motherland, joder!

Alberto Pancorbo would not have it any other way; if he is going to endure our non-stop questioning on topics ranging from technical to philosophical. Yes we do tend to be intense with our guests, but the man enjoys these topics as much as we do. His life is art, and so is ours. Pancorbo, it's always great when you stop by. Mi casa es su casa.

For more information on the work of this surrealist master visit 

Pictured below : Mujer, oil on canvas by Pancorbo.

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